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Mingyuan Xindu Hotel
Mingyuan Xindu Hotel 82 USD

Nanning Dihao BusinessHotel
Nanning Dihao BusinessHotel 35 USD

Yongjiang Hotel
Yongjiang Hotel 36 USD


Develop for hotel that Nanning development of tourist industry, too quickly of Hotels and restaurants in Nanning, hotel amount to more than 400 at present, 21 hotels concerning foreign affairs among them; There are more than 20 too in the star hotel, the whole city can receive several nearly 50000 berths of visitors'...

Travel guide of Nanning

Colored mountain scenic spot: It lies in the south regional Ningming of Nanning, LongZhou two borders of the county of the southwest, regard large quantities of cliffs mural painting of ancient Zhuang as the main view, is distributed within more than 2800 sq. km. of ranges, large wall decorated with 64...

Nanning Overview

Nanning, the provincial capital of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, modernized city where a number of nationalities relying mainly on Zhuang of one live in harmony. Adjoin Guangdong, Hongkong and Macao, lean against the large southwest...

Nanning Cuisine

The Nanning cooked food belong to Guangdong style of cooking, exquisite fresh, soft, comfortable, slippery. Nanning live in concentrated communities in 35 nationalities such as strong, Chinese, Miao, Yao, Dong, Lisu, Lahu, Hani, Jingpo, Mulao here...

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Welcome to Nanning!
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Hotel Name Star Price
♦ Mingyuan Xindu Hotel82 USDBook
♦ Nanning Dihao BusinessHotel35 USDBook
♦ Yongjiang Hotel36 USDBook
♦ Mingyuan Hotel, Nanning38 USDBook
♦ Mirage Hotel, Nanning27 USDBook
♦ Nanning Jindu Hotel34 USDBook
♦ New Cozy Harbour Hote53 USDBook
♦ Nanning Bolifei Inn44 USDBook
♦ Wanxing Nanning Beining Street Branch28 USDBook
♦ Nanning Hotel41 USDBook
♦ Nanning Jinfuying Hotel27 USDBook
♦ Nanning Guoyu Hotel31 USDBook
♦ Tianfei Hotel Nanning28 USDBook
♦ Wanxing Hotel Minzhu Road - Nanning31 USDBook
♦ Happy Meet Hotel - Nanning41 USDBook
♦ Champselysees Hotel27 USDBook
♦ Nanning Jiahua Hotel25 USDBook
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