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Welcome to Nanning!
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The Festival celebration of Nanning

General festival of China can see in Nanning, but Nanning have some other place festival.

>>Rob firecracker
Three folk song at the time of verse, the most exciting activity is that vied for the firecracker every March. The participant each makes up a team, the contest of each other with the strong man of every stockaded village. The so-called firecracker, are about 5 centimetres of a diameter, hoop twined with red cloth. Put at filling with launcher of gunpowder firecracker, one that "rumble" penetrate, pay high altitude firecracker light,. When the firecracker is dropped, the firecracker team of every stockaded village rushes on like a swarm of hornets, strive for the ball fiercly, collect firecracker person under the teammate's shield, break through the plunder of the other side and prevent from, march on towards the other side's fort, put the firecracker into the basket and win. It is very fierce that the ones that rob the firecracker strive for the ball, its form is like the western Rugby, praised as "the Rugby in the East".

>>Zhuang folk song festival
On the third day of every the third lunar month, Zhuang rural area became ocean of the song everywhere. People that splendid attire dress up well up are go to "song ruins", they bring five color glutinous meal and painted eggshell that finish already before the section, go and offer sacrifices to statue of Liusanjie, celestial being of song, Liusanjie is the body of gather beauty and love, intelligence and incarnation of ability in the Zhuangs mind, it is said "song ruins" for commemorate Liusanjie blow. People offer behind Liusanjie, fall over each other bright to turn on voice to be relative to sing, song are rise and down. To it sings in antiphonal style to be most interesting person who join in an open competition, to grade, lyrics often all escape one's lips to both sides or single and right to be single, or group, "quick-boiled tripe" extempore, win by baffling the other side, certainly loud to lack of banter humorous word, it needs audiences to roar with laughter to banter. During the festival, have rob firecracker, play skill, dance dragon and dance phoenix, perform various recreational activities such as the strong play, etc.; Achieve great success finally, to bring up right bright the happy fate which brings lovers together correctly in pairs. In fact, Zhuang young men and women three regard "Valentine's Day" in he (she ) as March. And in recent years, Zhuang develop into "March international folk song festival of three Guangxi" even more in song festival, the whole country is that a folk song good hand in all parts of the world gather too, naturally, the activity content is more rich and more colorful too.

>>Ox mood festival
The Zhuangs offer ox love tradition of ox, show to offer as a gift especially on every year ox mood section. The Zhuangs think the eighth day of April is ox king's birthday too. Soul ox verse reach, people are set free and plowed, the ox takes off the yoke, host want with sweet wine that brew in person and 5 color glutinous rice dyed feed oxen with plant juice.This day, clean the cowshed, scrub the body for oxen; The ox will beat a drum and add to the fun while taking a shower. certainly, can't type ox absolutely this day, if typed oxen, can shy run soul of ox, very unfavorable to the farming. By noon, every family should hold and offer ox's ceremony. At this moment, whole family sit by full desk of feast, lead by parents ox wind the desk first circle, sing and offer ox song , feed ox wipe out 5 color meal at the same time. Finally, the whole family stands up and strokes the ox back, express the blessing of oxen and horses correctly.

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