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Welcome to Nanning!
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Nanning Cuisine

The Nanning cooked food belong to Guangdong style of cooking, exquisite fresh, soft, comfortable, slippery. Nanning live in concentrated communities in 35 nationalities such as strong, Chinese, Miao, Yao, Dong, Lisu, Lahu, Hani, Jingpo, Mulao here, the strong national style is the greatest characteristic of the local snack. The Nanning Zhongshan way is the famous snack street, last snack "Grand View Garden", here dry drag for powder, the old friend noodle, ox miscellaneous powder, dark chicken rice, gingko taro mud, powder dumpling, duck red, the field snail is favored; In addition, city center and liberation way take and build policy Luis evening market there is a lot of delicious food too, such as iron plate squid cook, bunch fry tenderloin, roast beef, fry field snail, flower fish porridge, pigeon porridge, sparrow porridge, gold musical instrument beefsteak, etc.. In a word, Nanning table delicacies attract large batches visitor come because of respect for the fame.

The introduces of some special features snack

Nanning people love to take porridge in breakfast, porridge have a dozen the amount of variety too, there are red meat porridge, pig's red porridge, sliced fish porridge, ormosia porridge, lime-preserved egg porridge, frog's porridge, etc.. The characteristic is fragrant and hot and delicious.

>>The old friend noodle
It is the wheaten food with a history of one hundred years. With the refined noodles, mix with and produce fragrant the end of garlic, fermented soya bean, hot pepper, impractical bamboo shoot, the end of beef, pepper powder, etc., boil into a bowl of hot noodles. Tough friend wheaten food whet the appetite and dispel cold, it welcomes to be but prolonged deeply by customer of the restaurant.

>>The Eight Immortals powder
It is one of the recipes of palace of Qing Dynasty according to legend, because it is furnished with delicacy from mountain, seafood, seasonings more than eight flavors, taste is complemented differently, such as "the Eight Immortals crossing the sea, each one showing his or her special prowess", so gain the name. The Eight Immortals powder is by slipping freshly and coolly as the characteristic.

>>Reel powder
Put with the people thick liquid that wear into tray stand become one pancake, let some minced meat, chopped scallion go above, roll into roll can have plate, mix with sauce, sesame oil, etc. mix by eating after steam familiar. The characteristic is slipping softly delightfully.

>>Eight-treasured glutinous rice
Make polished glutinous rice bubble wet, mix with edible oil, mung bean, lily, lotus seeds, gingko, candied date, mountain yellow skin, wax gourd candy, etc. nearly ten kinds raw materials, steam and is well done. With it fragrance spread and slip softly, agreeably sweet and remarkable.

>>Acid product
Nanning dialect ask "sourly and wildly". It is to adopt seasonal fruits and vegetables such as local produce papaya, turnip, cucumber, lotus root, broccoli, pineapple to make, mixed with sour vinegar, hot pepper, white sugar, etc. and pickled. Taste acid, sweet fragrant, piquancy arrive all, crisp and refreshing and delicious, promote salivation and whet the appetite.

>>Lemon duck
It is the characteristic cooked food of the area of Wuming county. The clean duck will cut one after its method will be killed, enter pan fry until six familiar to put to cut sour hot pepper, sour mustard head, sour ginger, sour lemon, smoked plum, ginger and mashed garlic of silk again, cook over a slow fire, eight well done, then put salt Zhi, drench, have sesame oil can produce pan after fry well done. Its flavor is sour and hot and suitable, the aquatic foods is fragrant and delicious, whet the appetite deeply.

>>Chinese unicorn's perch
Famous Guangdong Cuisine, main material is a perch or other fresh-water fishes, batching is ham, snake butter, fat pork, the cage was steamed. This dish puts one to stress, several kinds of batching are sliced assorted, like wearing armor the Chinese unicorn, so choose this.

>>The steamed bean curd round
Stir the soft bean curd into a mud form first, add the egg, chop pork, peanut, oil residue, glutinous meal, mushroom, chopped scallion rottenly again, put condiment into, make meat filling into and make, have bean curd mud meat filling make little and globular and then, put into the plate putting the oil and is steamed well done, thicken soup to water with original juice finally. The dish slips tenderly and clearly and deliciously, is one of the table delicacies which the Zhuangs love most.

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