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Welcome to Nanning!
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Nanning History

Nanning history is long. Ancient place that belongs to Baiyue. Yue branch is various, called in history Baiyue, among them Xiji and LuoYue two offspring, it is Zhuang ahead of the people of Nanning. 23 year such as Emperor such as beginning (B.C. 214), Qin unified the Five Ridges area, set up the South China Sea, Guilin, Xiangjun. The Nanin belongs to the prefecture of good forest (the prefecture manages is Guigang today) and have jurisdiction. In the first year of Gaozu (the past 206 years ) of Han, Zhao Tuo set up Nanyue, Nanning is his jurisdiction. After the imperial court set up in the Western Han Dynasty, pursued the system of prefectures and counties of the state. Yuanding six years (110 B.C. ) such as pots Western Han Dynasty, Emperor WuDi of the Han Dynasty order Fubo general Ludebo lead army calm down Nanyue of Zhaoxin, set up 9 prefectures in the south of the Five Ridges, Nanning belongs to the prefecture of strongly fragrant forest and get the jurisdiction of square county . At the time of the three countries, Nanning belongs to the Wu 's in the jurisdiction. Wu get Linfang county renamed Linpu county, and Jaiozhou to change to belong to Guangzhou from belonging to originally. In this way, Nanning belongs to the Yulin prefecture of Guangzhou and Linpu county, keeps lasting until the West Jin Dynasty. At the the Eastern Jin Dynasty, yuans of emperor go in for a big way the first year of an era (318) the Jin Dynasty, revitalize the prefecture the Jin Dynasty from Yulin prefecture, have the Jinxin Dynasty 4 county etc. under its command, Nanning is Guangzhou Jinxin county Jinxin prefecture, Jinxin management set up in the Jinxin town, i.e. Nanning today. This the Nanning the first time becomes to be prefecture magnitudes of seat of local government the south beginning of organizational system. At the Southern Dynasties, Song,, Qi, Liang, Chen four imperial court replace successively, Nanning under the jurisdiction of prefecture to be county the same as the Eastern Jin Dynasty. After Sui unified the Northern and Southern Dynasties, open 18 year such as emperor(598), make the Jinxin county switch over to Xuanhua county, Nanning belongs to the Yulin prefecture. Wude four years of Tang (620), take Xuanhua county in the Xuanhua state, the state and county coexists. five years of Wude, Xuanhua county divide into Xuanhua and Jinxing and so on 5 county under the north Jin state. The sixth year of Zhenguan (632), north Jin state change into Yong state, manage in Nanning, this is an origin which Nanning abbreviated as "Yong". The first year of an era Tianbao (742), turn Yong state into Langnin prefecture. The first year of Qian (758), Nanning changed into Yong state. Xiantong three year (862), divide south of the Five Ridges dish for the east and west. The host of south of the Five Ridges, the seat of local government is set up in Guangzhou; west of south of the Five Ridges, set up seat of local government by state at Yong (Nanning today), it is belong to originally Yong last (Yong, Heng, Gui, Bing four states under the overall leadership), Rongguan (today Rong county), Guiguan (Guiguan today), Nanning had already become the provincial seat of local government in the Tang Dynasty. In Wu Dai - Shi Guo, Nanning as the country place south Han, still belonged to Yong state, belongs to Chu. After unify the whole country by Song Dynasty, Yong state under the jurisdiction of Guangnan west road, have under its command and declare 7 counties such as Xuanhua and Wuyuan, Nanning still is the management city of Yonzhou and Xuanhua, From Yuan Dynasty to a 16 years (1279), turned Yong state into a way of Yong state,Nanning be the seat of local government of office of person in over-all charge of the way today, have under its command two counties of Xuanhua and Wuyuan two counties, is in charge of two about general term for paulownia, phoenix tree and tung tree of small stream of river. In order to celebrate the recovering of borderland in Taiding first year (1324), means that the South Sinkiang is peaceful, change Yong state road to Nanning road. Nanning gain the name, start herein. Hongwu two years in Ming Dynasty (1376), change Nanning road as Nanning office, Nanning local government of the office today. Under the jurisdiction of Guangxi Chief Secretary. In Qing Dynasty, changed Guangxi Chief Secretary for Guangxi province, the provincial capital was set up on Guilin city of today. Nanning office under the jurisdiction of Guangxi province left river dish, have jurisdiction over state and county are follow Ming Dynasty basically at this moment. The Nanning not only is the Nanning office manage but manage by left river way and Xuanhua county. Qing Xuantong three years on September (1912), Nanning announce the independence. The Republic of China abolishes the xuanhua county in the first year (1912 ), managed by Nanning, directly subordinate to the military government of Guangxi, and then rename as the provincial government of Guangxi. In October of the same year, Guangxi Government adjourn to Nanning from Guilin, Nanning become the provincial capital of Guangxi. The second year of the Republic of China (1913 ) June, dismiss Nanning office and deposit Nanning County, and set up Yongnan road at the same time, management set up in Nanning, directly subordinate to Guangxi civil administration government office, under its command are Nanning and Wuming so 10 counties, 3 soil state and 8 toasts. 15 year, Guangxi province dismiss administrative area, Nanning have jurisdiction over Yongning, Heng county, Yongchun, Funan, Suilu, Tongzhi, left county, Shangsi and so on 8 counties. Set up the Nanning government in July 18 year, with Yongning county government managed to handle official affairs jointly, November of the same year, dismiss the city and set up organizational system. In September 23 year, Guangxi Government delimit Nanning land of urban area, and set up Nanning administrative supervision area. In 25 year, make the provincial capital of Guangxi to Guilin from Nanning. February 28 year, Guangxi change and call administrative area according to number, Nanning administrative supervision area switch over to the 9th administrative area. In April of 31, Guangxi Government will merge into the fourth administrative area and the ninth administrative area in original the eighth, the administrative supervisor's prefectural commissioner's office set up in Nanning. In October of 38, the Nanning from adjourning to Guilin the provincial capital of Guangxi. On December 4, 1949, Nanning liberated. February 8, 1950, Guangxi province people's government is establish, provincial capital set up in Nanning. On July 1957,- sessions of the National People's Congress fourth session pass a resolution, cancel the organizational system in the province of Guangxi, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is established. March 5, 1958, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region was informed and establish in Nanning, Nanning be the provincial capital of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The State Council determined to turn moving to and fro clan into Zhuang in 1965. in March 1979, Nanning city have jurisdiction over Chaoyang, new city, Yongxin, Hengyang (today the north city) , the South 5 urban area and a suburb. Nanning resume municipal government in June of 1980. in April 1984, Nanning city take over Yongnin, Wuming two counties, the Nanning city have jurisdiction over 5 urban area 1 suburb 2 counties amount to 8 administrative units. in December 2001, cancel suburb, Nanning city city have jurisdiction over administrative area reduce to 5 by 6, the city has jurisdiction over the administrative unit reduced to 7 from 8 counties (district ). December 23 , 2002, The State Council cancel the Nanning area, original Nanning Heng county, Binyang, Shanlin, Mashan and Lonan 5 counties are belong to Nanning city. Nanning municipal government taken over formally on June 27, 2003. On September 15, 2004, the State Council adjust to Nanning sanction in the administrative division of area under the jurisdiction of the municipal government of city, cancelled the north district of the city, Yongxin area, YongNing Couty, set up pool district, good celebrating area, Yongning township, rename the new urban area as the blue and green beautiful district. So far, Nanning city would rather administer Xingning, Qinxiu, Jiangnan, west township pool, good celebrate, Yongning 6 urban areas, 6 counties such as Wuming and longan, Ma Shan, Shanglin, Binyan and Heng county.

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