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Welcome to Nanning!
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Nanning General information

The best time to travel in Nanning

Nanning belong to the moist subtropical monsoon climate, summer is short and winter is long, sunny in winter, the rainfall is plentiful, little frost and does not have snow, it is temperate in climate. Average annual temperature is about 21.7 ?, is suitable for travelling throughout the year. Nanning annual 7/8 months when it is the hottest, the temperature on average is about 28C, not merely hot, and moist, because is rainy season is exactly at this time, going out must carry the rain gear; It is in January when it is the coldest, the temperature on average is about 13C, to the cold North it is very warm, but thin sweater and overcoat are still a lot.

Tourist salvage and consulting phone

Burglar alarm
Fire alarm
Infomation directory desk
Information directory desk online
Time desk
Medical emergency desk
Civil aviation info query station
Railroad info query station

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