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Welcome to Nanning!
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Nanning Overview

Nanning, the provincial capital of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, modernized city where a number of nationalities relying mainly on Zhuang of one live in harmony. Adjoin Guangdong, Hongkong and Macao, lean against the large southwest, face Southeast Asia, it is the important pivot of joining the coastal and southwest inland in the southeast, it is the most convenient channel to sea of every province of southwest, it is the only coastal provincial capital of every province in the west too. The whole city have jurisdiction over five urban areas and seven counties, city north, new city, Xingning, Yongxin, Jiangnan 5 urban areas, WuMing, Yongnin, Heng county, horse mountain, Bingyang, Longan, Shanglin of seven counties, the whole area is 22626.95 sq. km, 36 ethnic minorities such as strong, Miao, Hui, Yao, total population is 6,201,200 people, among them, the population in the urban area is 1,403,900 people. Nanning lies between the east longitude 10745'--18051', north latitude 2212'--332', topography is smooth, slope southwest terrain from the Northeast, the hillock surrounds, is located in the subtropical zone, present subtropical marine climate of model on four sides, it is sunny, the rainfall is plentiful, the frost little and does not have snow, dryin winter and wet in summer, summer is long and winter is short, temperate is climate in winter, the average temperature of the whole year of the whole city is 21 ?, annual average rainfall is 1300 millimetres, the relative humidity is 79 percent on average. The urban construction changes with each passing day, afforestation is with beautiful environment, natural conditions are richly endowed by nature, the green coverage rate occupies the leading place in the whole country, become pronouns of the city with "green city of China".

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