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Welcome to Nanning!
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Nanning Shopping

The Nanning be to the south of Tropic of Cancer, it is the subtropical monsoon climate, sunny here, it is throughout the year for litchi, pineapple at the melon and fruit, longan, mango, banana, etc. can have bought everywhere, friends liking to take the fruit can eat something delicious. Nanning still a multi-national settlement, a variety of ethnic minority handicrafts are drazzling, the brocade of Zhang nationality, ball made of strips of silk have become the most popular tourist souvenir. Intensive in the shopping place of Nanning, there are very many on shops or open-air markets large-scale Department Store, shopping center, supermarket, unique goods monopoly street, famous-brand masterpiece, the type of merchandize are complete, best in quality, at fair price. Among them it would rather be a comprehensive shopping center in the district of Xinning, has not merely assembled in many comprehensive markets here, there are modish clothes shop, cosmetics shop, the masterpiece shop and gold jeweler's shop of the extremely rich individual character, absolutely a good place for doing shopping. Arrive night, the west imprison road have open-air evening market, various dress, ornament, cosmetics, toy pack with the street in a moment. In addition China west road, China strong way Chaoyang Road, Xinmin way and seven stars road are good place of shopping too.

The special product in Nanning

>>The Nanning brocade of Zhang nationality
Nanning brocade of Zhang nationality is the most famous, history is long, have already made in Tang and Song Dynasty, Ming and Qing Dynasties the most prosperous, there are strong local national styles. The brocade of Zhang nationality is regarded cotton yarn as and passed, five color lines are made into for latitude. Famous because lucuriant in design, the pattern is unique, durable and durable. Their traditional pattern has ten thousand word lines, water and ripple, cloud thunder line, chrysanthemum line, etc.. And butterfly rob pearl, lion get away more than 20 kinds of pattern such as ball towards flower, pairs of dragon. The brocade of Zhang nationality has wide use range, it is ornamental to make bed blanket, quilt cover, apron, braces, belt, handbag, scarf hem.and so on.

>>Leather and fur products
Nanning articles at the leather the various in style, since handbag, suitcase, and the watchband, belt, leather shoes, sack made by leather and belt, etc. are all available. There are advanced goods which all parts of the world imported, is local products of suitable price too, so come Nanning travel, buy corresponding leather goods products , may be said kind to be complete with various brand in fact, let tochoose. Case and bag products whose Nanning local, first elect "universal fraternity Na" brand that Seiko wrap up.

>>Ball made of strips of silk
It is Nanning city Zhuang area young men and women pledge love keepsake originally, ball made of strips of silk make so as to the colored silk, the diameter is about 6 centimetres, install the beans or sand inside, it is about 150 grams in weight, bottom sew have ten more than ear of grain bring, ball top connect one long centimetre of streamers. In song country fair, find person who shuts affection, daughter help, throw with ball made of strips of silk to the husband, borrow this and express love. Throw the ball had made of strips of silk and already develop into a traditional sports item of ethnic minority now. It is the whole country, autonomous region, citizen that can transport contest project, put one elevation 10 diameter meter of ball made of strips of silks enclose at the competition, two teams shoot the much one of ball made of strips of silk enclosed for win in unit time.

>>The porcelain is carved
Carve the handicrafts of different patterns and pattern on the porcelain with the hard tool, started on the Ming Dynasty. Have white base and colored glaze two kinds, carve content have personage, birds and flowers, mountains and rivers, etc.. Works composition fresh, lines are smooth, personage that portray expression are vivid, vivid, there is higher viewing and admiring and reserve value.

>>The banana
That dragon's short pole banana, the meat is soft, yellowish pink is yellowish-white, fragrant and sweet and delicious, and the output is high, every ear of grain is up to 50 to 35 kilograms. The several broadleaf plants of fragrant tooth, meat is milky white, slip softly and sweetly, there is special perfume .

Have another name called main fruit pineapple is Nanning the main fruit. Pineapples contain rich amount of minerals such as carbohydrate and the human body indispensable calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium of high caloric value, etc. and many kinds of vitamins, contain one follow gastric juice plain similar enzyme, can resolve the protein, help digest also.

>>The orange
The fruit color is yellow, fragrant, flavor is sweet, the meat is tender and juicy, the peel, core can be used as medicine.

>>The litchi
The pulp is sparkling and crystal-clear and transparent, flavor is sweet and much juicy, it is a famous good fruit of the southern part of the country, can make the tin, dry litchi and make wine .

>>The longan
Have another name called longans. The meat is sparkling and crystal-clear in vain, tender, sweet and delightful, not inferior to the litchi. The longan can process into the tin, dried longan pulp or longan and do besides eating raw. Longan spurt good merchantable brand.

>>The mango
The tree can up to 3 4 century-oldly to set up the life-span. The fruit is oval, the peel is yellowish, the meat is orange, the quality is delicate, flavor is fragrant and sweet, the cover is thin and much juicy.

The sugarcane is divided into two big classes of fruit sugarcane and candy sugarcane. Fruit sugarcane make fruit eat, precise sugarcane refine sugar raw materials. Find a good sale pomegranate of garden flower card high-quality white sugar, would rather candy that sugarcane is make of raw materials with the south.

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