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Welcome to Nanning!
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Travel guide of Nanning

>>Colored mountain scenic spot
It lies in the south regional Ningming of Nanning, LongZhou two borders of the county of the southwest, regard large quantities of cliffs mural painting of ancient Zhuang as the main view, is distributed within more than 2800 sq. km. of ranges, large wall decorated with 64, a centralized one to spend mountain and bright river two office most. The scene of scenic spot of colored mountain is distributed and had the characteristics that the continuity one is belt on the region, 100 kilometers of riverine scenes area relies mainly on ancient precipice mural painting of left river; Mountains and rivers rural area places are walk on limestone peak clump, needle karst depression, scene of river valley the content along the line of the 250 highway; 50 kilometers South Sinkiang frontier juncture scene places as auspicious friendship imprison, Daxin Detian waterfall as the main view. Bright river, rise in 100,000 mountains, total length is 172 kilometers, flow to the county town of Ningming, it is not far to pour into the left river. Water in the bright river flows out several kilometers in Ningming, the scene is old and different, the grotesque peak permutation, cliff face the river, blocked the outlet of stopping the crooked river a moment later, met at an angle of 90 degrees curved a moment later, induced the river to flow back right. From Pearl Mountain to colored mountain, only have more than 10 kilometers of journey by boat, the river is curved 9 are curved. Rotate line curved, river is interception outlet by cliff, make people feel "mountain heavy water reply, shed office each time, the ship reaches cliff is another mountain. This is wonderful of bright river! The pleasant place that the left river flows is still "curved", different is that many left water of river curved to flow into in "S" shape, navigate and enter slowly, cliff and mountain peak are in succession. The mountain peak especially has a distinction, forceful and serious. There is "folds" the form left in crustal movement too. River of bright river and left river is wonderful, the cliff is strange, daub on mystery flavour of a layer for common people.

Colored cliff mural painting
It is draw all over various present soil red image and image. There are two kinds of postures of front and side in the image. Front image two hand hold high, two foot fork turn on type of horse stand. Side image dual tactics stretch while being flat, two leg squat jumping type a little, already as troop training has mixed aerobics, dance wildly joyous song and for example. Like the dog as the horse in the image, there are ones that look like the cane shield, gongs and drums, the sun. Personage draw a portrait, lines is rough, vivid. Draw image have what wear daggers and swords, wear laurel, tribal chief or person who command of personage these. Have a group of "small potatoes" towards him around it, make up the pictures with different look. Relevant materials record, coloful cliff mural painting are 220 meter wide, 45 meters high, more than 1800 personage's pictures, painting times are before the Eastern Han Dynasty, history of the above that that was 2000 years ago. The creation times of the mural painting of colored cliff are the Spring and Autumn and the Warring States Periods. The social content that the mural painting reflects, a lot of historians and sociologists have investigated and proved many times, it says to be Zhuang the people Luoyue people celebrate victory that go on an expedition, or speak it is Luoyue people celebrate the bumper harvest first, some say it is ancient that offer sacrifices to water god, opinions vary, unable to decide which is right. In a word, is still a fan at present.
The mural painting of colored cliff proves to be the art rarity of Zhuang. Its simple and unsophisticated and rough technique of writing and style, that vivid and ready to appear personage's expression, have reflected aesthetic temperament and interest and superb artistic level of the ancient people of Zhuang. Relevant scholars experts generally acknowledge: Left river coloful cliff mural painting as their distribute wide, draw a picture place precipitous, the picture is grand, draw a picture condition is hard and dangerous, both at home and abroad are rare, should enjoy lofty status in the history of fine arts in the world. Have already made a name both at home and abroad in art rarity of this Zhuang of mural painting of colored precipice now.

>>Dragon's nature reserve of Tiger Mountain
It lies in Nanning Longan county territory, it is from 36 kilometers of from Naning and 83 kilometers from the western suburb at the city, 21 sq. km. of the whole areas. The protection zone was established in 1980, classified district level scenic spot and nature reserve of the autonomous region as autonomy in 1987. Main protection targets are precious medical plant of the karst area and karst landscape. Plant is 1145 of kind, medical plant is 713 among them, including dense flower and Meideng. blue sky sunflower, wide wind-proof, one virgin doing layers of paper, etc.. National-level to protect plant have hair petals of gold scented tea, gold silk Li, small clam wood, beef in hot pots tree, etc., national-level protected animals are black leaf monkey, macaque, champion's hornbill, boa, Squama Manis, etc.. The dragon is a view monkey in the large beauty spot of Tiger Mountain, more than 2500 macaques which existing half a person raised, collecting and distributing at the roadside, bridgehead, meet guests riverinly, lively and lovely, can play and play with visitors, take a group photo, the rustic charm is infinite. Open main beauty spot as follows: already now Remote mountains banter monkey, cave with stalactites and stalagmites wonder, green sea view fairy maiden, stone forest potted landscape, green water river go boating, Zhuang little bamboo tower, etc.. Captivating negative and positive hole, glossy ganoderma hole, fire hose hole, etc. remain to develop. At present, dragon Tiger Mountain it forms to be comparatively complete visiting, purchasing, wipe out, live in, a connected sequence of doing already, it is the ideal famous scenic spot that incorporates travel, spend holidays, recuperate, the teaching, scientific research, meeting into an organic whole. Welcome the presence of each side guest .

>>The high left leaning tower
Is in the quiet and beautiful and beautiful left river middle, call the island of mountains of Ao's head, stand upright in an old leaning tower on the island, it is called that it is a special skill of the left rivers side to belong to dragon's tower. Dragon's tower is one of eight major leaning towers of the world, stand side by side with the leaning tower of Pisa of Italy. It amounts to 5 storeys to belong to dragon's tower, the tower is 23.38 meters high, the diameter of bottom of the tower is 5 meters, bodies of the tower are octagonal pieces of body, each storey opened a window. What made people surprised and applauded is that no matter which direction is watched from the north, south, east and west, it is crooked to belong to dragon's direction always of the tower to people. According to this peculiar glamour, attract thousands upon thousands visitors, moreover make people worth seeing a hundred times, so enchanted by the scenery as to forget to return. It is reported for being peaceful to know office Liyoumei build, build on Ming Dynasty opening the first year of an era tower, only built 3 layers at that time. Pass 39 year, in the period of Qing Kangxi, peaceful to know office continue two also slowly. Belong to dragon tower have a history of more than 370 years already, place river sharp turn, count flood to the limit strike, Joe and Ray hits the wind, but still stand towering like a mountain in the left river with the firm and tall and straight heroic bearing. The leaning tower is not only wonderful and grand, stern and tough and tensile, but also, on the island, the grass and trees are green for a long time throughout the year, green leaves are like the mattress. Meanwhile, top of the tower grow flowers and plants too, brush while being breezy slightly, top titbits fall one after another. In addition, top of the tower octagonal to hang 8 copper bell, when wind blows, "sting bell bell, sting bell bell" noise without cease, clear and melodious is hover left river both sides, full of the temperament and interest. The body inverted image of the leaning tower is among the quiet and beautiful and deep and remote water, water of the tower is lined with, just some much poetic and pictorial splendor. Type fishing boat, carry cargo ship, little raft water under leaning tower row wave cleave and leave day and night, urge people's interest of sightseeing to increase suddenly even more.

>>Detian scenic spot
It is at the south at the Guangxi border Daxin county, it pieces of peculiar travel scenic spot, this is the mountains and rivers gallery known far and wide --Large scenic spot of Detian Guangxi. Nature deeply in love with unexpectedly, god beautiful to collect on here, form natural mountains and rivers galleries to the limit mountains and rivers. Here mountain peak very skillful, it is too far away to be readily accessible for cloud and mist to waft, the lake is like Spiegel, river like jad brings, the spectacular rocky peak is lofty and steep, the ancient wood reaches to the sky, it is a scene step by step, amorous everywhere. Springtime, red cotton brilliant is full bloom like rosy clouds; Face in summer, blue and green peak bathes, luxuriant flowers and trees; Autumn come, the gold wind sends comfortably, golden yellow everywhere; Winter will come, the different mountains are steep, the mountain color is empty and dim. No matter overcast fine cloud and mist, season replaces, each have mood. Visit Detian, can make you in the book, the heart does not have fine dust.
But, the beauty of the scenery of scenic spot of Detian, not only a day waterfall of Detian? The grotesque peak is inserted and stood erect, black water and river that the trees are verdant, the wonderful view of that beautiful and colourful bank, thunder flat stone forest and aquatic stone forest that spectacular rocky peaks spread all over, the mountains and rivers and nature reserve of kindness city where the peaks rising one upon another, cave with stalactites and stalagmites spread all over, the surface of the water is as smooth as a mirror, stone peak Joe seedling flat lake that jade stand, superb craftsmanship, model peculiar Dragon Palace rock, practise rolling sand collect piles of waterfall in vain while being multistage, boundary tablet 53 with special significance, countless historic sites and relics and rare animals. These have already made you too plenty for the eye to take, but the beautiful scenery as far back as behind, just look at chain of mountains from green, the grotesque peak is tabulated by mistake, the fine gauze curls up, rosy clouds fall the cloud flies, the flat lake of mountain shadow, luxuriant forest bamboo, the flowers and plants are set off, one hundred birds are low to pace up and down, the green water and terraced fields, local-style dwelling houses and waterwheel, little bridge flowing water, plough husband carry on one's shoulder or back , the village plays in the water virginly in the brook, the bamboo raft walks in the beautiful water, this is the bright bodyguard's rural area where with the praise of "small Guilin" and many quiet and lyrical peculiar scene conditions and customs picture scrolls of the southern part of the country that gallery launched for you of 250 kilometers.

Detian waterfall
The waterfall is in the southwest of Guangxi, the place boarded by Vietnam and China, a very pleasant waterfall, that is one of the famous waterfalls in Guangxi - -Detian waterfall. The waterfall lies in the large large dragon's day Daxin village of Shuolong township Detian village. From 78 kilometers of county towns. There are layers of love piles of screen-like mountain peak, mountains are blue and green and forest is dense. Flowing water rush down and lay at the island Putang from 80 high that boarded by Vietnam, full of twists and turns, have formed the tertiary waterfall. The face width of waterfall is up to 100 meters, that water curtain, hang the pearl necklace in the remote, thickly forested mountains high like every bunch, too as pieces of plain silk are hung before the cliff. Because the drop is great, send out and rumble grand ringing, fear the heart soul, can hear vividly too beyond 1 kilometer. Water that then splashes reveals, wave in front of the mountains, a drizzly one in vain within hectometre, move swiftly year in year out and remain, there is sunshine day, colorful, flamboyant, make people like to enter muddy ignorant fan cover with in the fairyland. The hills and mountains around the waterfall have one layer of terraced fields, by the terraced fields, are stone and mountain in the Sino-Vietnam border. Especially that backbone straight, green shade heavy wooden constitution tree of person who overlay, show grand even more. It is a deep pool more than 30 meters deep, more than 200 meters wide under the waterfall flying and flowing. In the deep pool, the fish various in style live. These fish look loose, taste is delicious. The peasants around often go to the pool to cast net and fish, fish's boat drifts under the waterfall, can be rich in poesy and angrier more the waterfall. Rough folk songs of fishmen, melt it into roar of the waterfall, play out the song of beautiful.

>>Jinlun hole
It lies in the south by arterial highway of 21 kilometers of Nanning Mashan county, only several hectometres from entrance to a cave to highway.
Surrounded by hills in the earth's surface here, the show water trees of grotesque peak have been shrouding fabulous color since ancient times gloomily. In dare flower collect out-of-the-way mountain area on the southern side, there is a natural entrance to a cave that suddenly sees the light, about 5 meter high, about 10 meter wide, trickle a clear water river silent throughout the year, the river is bright and limpid and transparent. Close to flying to the bridge and entering the entrance to a cave, a feast for the eyes scenery at the river of entrance to a cave, will make people feel the good fortune of the nature is magic and innumerable.
The first mystery of the Jinlun hole, it is that a hole is long and large, the way is wide and flat. According to surveying tentatively, the Jinlun hole crosses 12 middles of a mountain, the visiting distance reaches more than 7 kilometers, have 5 in all to be imported and exported, some put through to produce in the foot of the hill, some lead to the mountaintop, form beautiful and skillful door, opens the window. From out-of-the-way mountain area path that river mouth enter, distance its make repair slightly, can take car wear hole long corridor, depths of several kilometers in the direct hole. Very straight in some locations in the hole; Some locations are very curved; Some location songs are like nine cloisters in the garden; Drive a vehicle to advance, it is strange that own things will eventually sort themselves out; Location some such as forest deep and remote foot-path that have even more, stroll and visit, own sense that amidst shading willows and blooming flowers another village appears. Hole have happy cave-dwelling of heart make person enjoy oneself, have pleasant hall enable person forget to return, there are paradises like fairyland that make people intoxicated even more. These hall and cave-dwelling, paradise, some can park several dozen cars, some can function as ten thousand meeting-places of the People's University. Such huge hall cave-dwelling, numerous persons of rock win hole to be rare for the southern part of the country. The natural good fortune in the hole, especially ground, gorgeous, in different poses and with different expressions, the mirage is infinite. Hole of Jinlun that this is is the biggest and magicallest. Various model in the hole, it is really indescribable. Stone pillar and agar, stone curtain and stone curtain, stalagmite stone milk, stone light, stone melon and stone fruit, stone birds and stone beast are in the long corridor and all kinds of hall in the hole, erects everywhere, hang by the feet everywhere, it is very a superb craftsmanship, compete in beauty and compete very. Tangible like one hundred phoenix have a southern exposure, Goddess of Mercy visit sea, similar to carp jump the beach, blue and green baby fight the snake, similar to monkey drag for moon and panda blindly date, similar to herdswoman like vertical sheep and village woman wish the my darling to return, similar to old fisherman fish and Liusanjie sing in antiphonal style, let alone glossy ganoderma prop up umbrella, imperial palace and canopy, side beacon, hold up day jade column, mediocre weighing apparatus stone, tumbler. All things of this, enable to make people view in distance, vivid, will be move and quiet, own feeling. Afford a magnificent spectacle in the hole, the Great Wall where it is constant to be silk floss there, and the only flashing sea floor salt pan of silver, endless. There are characteristic strange mountain show water of Zhuang rural area, unperturbed stockaded village in the hole, come to its border personally, view and admire carefully, still think everywhere the flowers compete gaudily, the five cereals are rich, the six domestic animals are peaceful and comfortable. There are roadside wayside pavilion imbued with mythical color, stage in the sky, Jinlun inserted excellently, the jade horse is running etc., after viewing and admiring, have one imagination after another naturally, the sophisticated appeal is infinite .
The third mystery of the Jinlun hole, it is the river that is since opened in the rock, water from hole midstream. The brook, so long as make and dredge slightly, can go upstream in the hole, go boating to have a look around. It is easy to imagine, there is feasible vehicle of highway in the hole, there is very open vessel of waterway, it is really a wonderful view all over the world too.

>>Left river stone and scene forest
In the scenic spot is all stones, similar to the trees and grow thickly, although is pretty and cleverly-made, poetic and picturesque everywhere, it is enough to compare with stone forest in Yunnan. Step foot on stone scene forest, meander deep and remote and put through, the road surface is full of bumps and holes, stone step is rattan ancient to cover while being climing, about two sides attack come one fresh and cool breath often, the pleasant landscape makes people completely relaxed and happy. About bearing from head to foot, has felt and come into an artistic world sometimes: The stone meets the eye on every side the mountain comes in different sizes, rising and falling, a peak by a peak, one connects one, some like the sharp sword, some are like the enclosure, some look like the huge umbrella, the mountain stone stands towering and stands upright, towering and jagged, in picturesque disorder, the overall arrangement is apt, exactly like the natural stone scene of a basin of basins, stunning. Strange stone getting low to with hands down can feel, a high one not beyond the scope of twenty or thirty can climp up their top, form are in different poses and with different expressions, as follows: among them Hawk have a rest, monkey pluck fruit, boa and tortoise are fighting, fairy maiden let go flower, crocodile include pearl, elephant paddle, hen hatch egg, married couple look at afar, boy person who worship Buddha at temple picture and picture Count the stone not to the limit, similar to the birds and beasts, birds and flowers' water flea, the image is lifelike, vivid, the superb craftsmanship that one may well say, it is carved carving. The grass and trees grow thickly in the stone and scene forest, the ancient rattan is twined, the dark green leaf, gorgeous flower, one cluster, every bunch, make the stone and scene forest seem to express the show further charmingly. The south and the west of the stone and scene forest have very beautiful elegance even more: Mountain stone foot lay terrain fall into concave, two season past every, the rainwater converged into a light lake, the stone forest surround are can row the vessel. The inverted image of different mountains is in the bluish waves and deep and remote water at this moment, as if the beauty faces the mirror, slim and graceful, lovingly pathetic. Visitors experience their borders personally, often a save of pleasure.

>>The south lake park
It lies in the southeast of urban area, it is a park that combines water body view, subtropical garden scene together. The lake surface of wide 930,000 square meters like the mirror, the bluish waves are overflowing. South lake was Yong small stream originally, link to each other by Yong river originally, at the flood of taking place Yong river, the river pours in down a chimney to the small stream, flood a large number of farmland and rooms. In the period of the Jingyun in Tang Dynasty, state of Yong Simalu collect the civilian worker, shunted and built the dyke here, conservation storage become lake, bunch live in flood of overflowing, this is a south lake later. People utilize the lakeside to plant trees and grow flowers, builds the corridor and builds the pavilion, open up into a scenic spot later, opened up for the park formally in 1972, regarded wide kind of subtropical flowers and trees as the main characteristic. Play on the south lake, first is go boating in the lake, or angle on the lake bank again; First is view and admire and is imbued with characteristic flowers grass and trees of subtropical zone. The green area along the lake, there are tropical trees such as palm, Pu Kui, false sesame oil, etc.; Both sides of the road, plant scenery trees such as butterfly fruits, a thousand storeys of white, silver birch, etc., the garden with hundreds of flowers cultivates more than one hundred kinds of famous and precious flowers such as gold scented tea, etc., there are famous and precious bamboo wood such as Buddhism belly bamboo, araucaria, Taiwan lovesickness. Among them there are three "gardens in the garden", i.e. herbal garden, the potted landscape garden and blue flower nursery, one may well say comprehensive expression of doing, let the visitors widen knowledge greatly. South lake park still hold various flower shows frequently, the scale is big, the head of the duration of the exhibition, make people feast one's eyes. "Baise revolt exhibition hall" that built up in 1984 that is worth visiting in the south lake park, it commemorate Baise and Zhou Long rise in revolt, build 55 anniversary, have Limingrui, Weiboqun statue and revolutionary history relic showroom of martyr. The martyr commemorates the pedestal of the tablet is carved with comrade DengXiaoping's epigraph positivly: "commemorate Li Ming rui, Weiboqun and son on the revolutionary martyr in revolt of Baise are immortal forever".

>>Mountain range and rock of Iraq
The Zhuang language claims to "dare palace", it means the equally beautiful grotto of the palace, gain the name because located in the mountain range village of Iraq. Like a lot of grotto in Guangxi, it first typical karst rock and cave with stalactites and stalagmites. This rock is a section of underground rivers originally, become the hole because the earth's crust rises. Through the corrosion function on the rock of ten million annual water, the stalactite gathers in the hole, in different poses and with different expressions. The grotto is similar to conches, 45 meters deep, area is more than 24000 square meters, more than 1100 meters of visiting distance, more than 100 all kinds of beauty spots. The mouth of the hole is behind the green tree of a block of blue and green bamboo groves, under a Pan precipice, very splendid in its entrance to a cave. Enter to hole, look back on entrance to a cave, can find that have two male lions place oneself in by the dish impressively, it seems to welcome guest that come from afar, this to enter hole Scene one "one pair of lions meet serving". Go ahead again, lay one "silk cotton tree" of "full tree delicate flowers are in full bloom", come to full of "Zhuang rural area" which have a bumper harvest happy, glittering "rice head" pile up like a mountain, very large "maize" pave gold and a pile of silver. "melon dish" of all kinds pile with the room.
One zigzag 18 curved path in front of "Zhuang rural area", only see the twists of the cloister, the cave is deep and serene, the terrain is higher and higher, the view is more and more dangerous and strange, what visitors went on is "air corridor" at this moment. It is exactly the time when the hills and streams end and there seems no road beyond, a turn suddenly, an arcual hall breaks out, only see the stone milk hang upside down, the stone pillar holds up sky, seem to be been entered in a stretch of "thickly forested and mountains". Continue to go ahead, can see "mountain area new look" , "seaside park" , "rivers and mountains spoil more" beauty spot, one may well say that there are scenes before the scene and there are scenes after the scene , all the scene step by step, scene and scenes are different, visit the hole and visit the fairyland. Rock of mountain range of Iraq, enjoy equal fame with reed rock and seven stars and rock in Guilin, but scenery of rock of mountain range of Iraq have its own characteristics to.

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